Our Priorities

We can preserve Easton’s beautiful environment, support its quality schools, help keep our seniors living in their home town, and plan for the future. We bring experience, dedication, and imagination to solving problems.

Caring for Our Children


Running a school system that prepares our children for the future, academically and socially, has become increasingly complex and costly. This is compounded by the recent increase in Easton’s enrollment after several decreases. How we manage this obligation to our children will be our greatest challenge going forward. As a member of the Easton Board of Education, David has participated in the negotiation of teacher contracts and chaired the committee on health care. Putting our children first must be our highest priority as we recognize we are a town of limited resources that must be efficient in how our schools function. David and Bob will:

Prioritize passing an appropriate school budget annually

Ensure Easton employs only the best educators and administrative staff

Seek alternate revenue outside of individual taxpayers to keep up with growing costs of education

Protecting Our Seniors

Bindelglass with Senior

In addition to our children, we believe that our second great obligation as a town is to our seniors. Many have lived in this town for decades and have made great contributions to Easton. We cannot overwhelm them with unmanageable tax burdens given their generally fixed incomes. We must provide for their safety including appropriate medical and social services and potentially alternative housing that makes it possible for them to remain in Easton. As an orthopedic surgeon, David has extensive insight and experience caring for seniors. David and Bob will:

Investigate further tax relief for seniors

Encourage the development of alternative housing for seniors

Seek alternate revenue outside of individual taxpayers to keep up with growing costs of education

Leading Our Community

Bindelglass with mothers

Working as a team, David and Bob will enact positive change in Easton, while maintaining the elements of our town that make it a such a desirable place to live. They believe strongly in an open, honest and transparent local government. David and Bob will:

Work to develop a town-wide communication system to ensure Easton residents know what is going on in the community

Seek alternative revenue resources

Promote common sense statutory changes that ensure a peaceful and safe town for all residents

Work to develop Easton’s positive image in the state, encouraging better marketing and higher property values